Bjorn & Lori Hareid Senior Secondary Competition

Who is eligible: String students in grades 10-12

Application deadline: December 23

Competition dates: February 2-4, 2017


  • Bjorn & Lori Hareid Scholarship $1,500
  • Loyal Protestant Association Scholarship $1,250
  • VAM Scholarship $1,000
  • Roderick H. McRae Memorial Scholarship $500
  • Michael & Mary Shields Scholarship $500
  • VAM Scholarship $500

Purpose: VAM’s Bjorn & Lori Hareid Annual Senior Secondary Competition is designed to recognize young talented musicians and support their future musical endeavours. Prospective finalists are presented with a unique opportunity to perform on three consecutive days during the course of the competition and earn prize money to assist with their studies.

Winners of VAM’s
2017 Senior Secondary Competition

Grace Hyewon Sohn
Bjorn & Lori Hareid Scholarship ($1,500)

Olivia Cho
Loyal Protestant Association Scholarship ($1,500)

Sean Gao
VAM Scholarship ($1,000)

Dylan Thomas Yee
Roderick H. McRae Memorial Scholarship ($500)

Jennifer Lim
Michael & Mary Shields Scholarship ($500)