New Orchestra level!

Calling all string players ages 5-7 who want to experience the thrill of playing on a team! Led by DeAnne Eisch (Suzuki Violin Head, VAM Junior Symphony director), VAM’s newest orchestra, Pre-Junior Symphony (affectionately known as the PJ’s) is the perfect ensemble for violin, viola and cellists at Suzuki books 2-4 or RCM grades 1-3. PJ’s will cover the basics (note-reading, feeling the beat, following the composer’s instructions) providing students with the joy of playing in a group and forming musical friendships. Come take your first step onto the Orpheum stage!

VAM Pre-Junior Symphony
5:00-6:00, Koerner Recital Hall
With VAM Private lessons: $130
Standalone: $260 (does not include registration fee)

Contact the front office at (604) 734-2301 or go here to register your child today!