VAM Honour Band

About VAM Honour Band

Since 1969, Vancouver Academy of Music (VAM) has been spreading a love of learning for generations of aspiring musicians. VAM aims to produce civic-minded students who use their collaborative performing arts experiences to enrich the health and well-being of their community as well as to reinforce the value of Arts and Culture in society.

VAM Honour Band brings together two of VAM’s core values – musical excellence and community awareness – by assembling the finest and most musically ambitious young woodwind, brass, and percussion players from the Greater Vancouver Area for a two-day intensive under the directorship of Dr. Alexander Cannon.


Eligible applicants are advanced music students of woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments enrolled in high school or university programs.


Friday, February 2, 9:00am – 6:45pm
Saturday, February 3, 12:00 – 2:00pm

How to Apply

Apply online using the form below or download an application form. Deadline to apply is December 11, 2017 (deadline has been extended from November 14).


$85 (includes dinner on Friday, February 2)

Audition Requirements

Applicants must prepare a video and submit in the form of a link to any video streaming website (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo) or file sharing (e.g., Dropbox). Video files will not be accepted as email attachments.

Videos are to demonstrate 3-5 minutes of the applicant’s best playing, which may include excerpts from one or more works of music. Selections should highlight the applicant’s proficiency in tone, rhythmic accuracy, and musical expression.

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