Luci Barz

Luci Barz’s musical journey began at the age of 7, inspired by his Romanian
heritage and a family that deeply appreciated traditional folk music. Growing up in the
small town of Hunedoara, he was immersed in a vibrant musical environment that
fostered his early love for the violin. Seeking advanced training, Luci moved to
Vancouver, where he had the opportunity to study with the esteemed violinist Robert
Rozek, a pupil of Nathan Milstein. During his time at the Vancouver Academy of Music,
Luci discovered the viola through Isabelle Roland. Captivated by its rich, resonant tone,
he continued his studies under her mentorship, earning both his Bachelor of Music and
Artist Diploma.

In 2022, Luci joined the Master’s program in Viola Performance at the University
of British Columbia, studying with internationally acclaimed soloist Marina Thibeault. He
successfully completed his degree, further refining his skills and expanding his musical
horizons. Since 2015, Luci has been dedicated to teaching violin and viola, sharing his
extensive experience and passion for music with his students. His career has also taken
him around the world, performing at prestigious music festivals, touring with orchestras,
and collaborating with renowned musicians such as Ian Parker, Christoph Schiller,
Graham Oppenheimer, Detlef Hahn, John York, and Francois Killian.

Now settled in Vancouver, Luci balances his teaching career with local
performances as a soloist, in chamber music ensembles, and with orchestras. He is
also actively involved in community outreach programs, sharing his love for music with
schools around Vancouver. Luci’s commitment to music education and performance
continues to inspire and nurture the next generation of musicians.