Jennifer Chu

Teaching is among my expressions of love, love as an act of caring for human growth.

In the Early Music Education Department I support our young learners in building musicianship skills in a caring, kind, and fun space both at the school and in the community through VAM’s outreach programs.  Outside of VAM, I enjoy teaching yoga, and mindfulness to children.

Music has always been a part of my daily life.  As a toddler, my favourite napping spot was curling up by my mother’s feet at the pedals while resting my back on the bottom panel of the piano.

On one Sunday afternoon, after the crinkling of cellophane, and gently rocking the CD to tease it out for the inaugural listen…that was the moment.  It was then, on that very Sunday afternoon, listening to Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 for the first time, I knew that I wanted to become an orchestral bass player.  I later went on to complete my Bachelors of Music in Performance on the Double Bass at UBC.

You may also see me around VAM as a proud VAM parent with my daughters who are studying piano, violin, and cello.  Feel free to say hello.

And if you think you see me with a cello, it is me.  Audaciously curious, I have recently started cello lessons.

I am honoured to have the privilege of being included in the VAM teaching community, entrusted with carrying on the spirit of fostering excellence.