Cole Tinney

The world is full of diverse music and each individual finds inspiration in their own unique blend of tempos, keys, rhythms and melodies.  Cole Tinney brings formal education (BA, RCM) and a diverse performance and instructional portfolio to this new and exciting program.   Equally comfortable in classical, contemporary, rock or jazz idioms he actively performs and instructs in multiple genres throughout the Lower Mainland and through the summer in the Yukon as Music Director for the Frantic Follies Vaudeville Revue.

A graduate of Vancouver Community College (Bachelor of Applied Music) Cole is an active performer, composer and private instructor in Metro Vancouver.  Cole seeks to inspire young musicians to explore their potential in all aspects of music and firmly believes that a strong grounding in classical techniques is a key element.

Cole focuses on keyboards but has also performed on strings, woodwinds and percussion throughout his musical education and career.  Structure comes from his course development as a Flight Sergeant in Air Cadets, Leadership from his ongoing teaching and love of music in all its forms straight from the heart.  Patience, spontaneous energy and passion are trademarks of Cole’s instructional style and expectations will be high.