Chamber Music – Recording Submission

Welcome to the Chamber Music recording submission page! Coaches are encouraged to submit a video of their group’s performance. We welcome submissions of a maximum of 10 minutes, which we will compile into a recital recording that can be shared.

To submit a video, upload a video file to a file sharing platform of your choice (e.g., Dropbox or Google), and include a shareable link in the online form below.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • Coaches will help their group(s) choose a section/movement/piece to record.
  • Maximum 10 minutes of music.
  • Coaches may record their group(s) during coaching sessions on their phones, tablets, or camera (ie.: webcam) on their laptops.
  • Information pertaining to the recording (ie.: title of piece, movement, composer, group members, coach name etc.) and the recording file link will be submitted through an online form.
  • Coaches are encouraged to introduce the group, group members and repertoire selection at the beginning of the video.
  • Please do not include captions or titles as those will be added in during the editing process.
  • To submit the video, upload a video file to a file sharing platform of your choice (ie.: Dropbox, Google Drive, Filemail), and include a shareable link when submitting the online form.
  • The department will edit and combine the video submissions from all groups to create a virtual concert to be uploaded and shared through VAM’s YouTube channel.

Please use the submission form below to send in your videos by December 11. We look forward to seeing your performances!