Performance Exams

Spring 2024 Session

All exam levels are online (completed by pre-recorded video submission)
Registrations accepted until May 1
Video performances due May 15

Vancouver Academy of Music’s Performance Exams are a celebration of the achievement and progress made during the course of the academic year. Students are invited to a performance opportunity that includes guidance from distinguished music educators.

Meet the Adjudicators

For VAM private students of all levels* ages 5-17

VAM Performance Exams are inclusive of all levels. There are no restrictions on works performed regarding difficulty; students are encouraged to work with their private instructor to determine which repertoire selections are best to help them achieve their own personal goals. Any level may be completed regardless of whether or not the student participated in exams for the preceding levels.

Exams will be evaluated and scored on the basis of the student’s performance in relation to the demands of the chosen repertoire and will include written commentary from the examiner.

*For the purpose of determining eligibility for exam participation, a VAM private student is a student who enrolls in a minimum of 16 private lessons per term for the instrument listed in their exam registration.

Scholarships & Awards

Students achieving the highest score of ‘Distinguished’ will receive a scholarship for VAM tuition applied to the following academic year*. Those who demonstrate an outstanding level of artistic merit in their age and instrument category will be awarded the special prize of a medal:

  • Gold medal: $500 scholarship
  • Silver medal: $400 scholarship
  • Bronze medal: $300 scholarship
  • All other students achieving a ‘Distinguished’ score: $150 scholarship
*Students graduating high school will be eligible for a cash award in lieu of a VAM scholarship.
Not all awards may be distributed in every age and instrument category if, in the adjudicator’s opinion, such awards are not merited.


Junior Exams (ages 5-8): $50
Intermediate Exams (ages 9-12): $60
Senior Exams (ages 13-16): $70
Advanced Senior Performers’ Certificate (age 17 or graduating high school): $90

For full details, including repertoire requirements by level and video submission requirements, click here for a downloadable PDF with more information.

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