Performance Exams & Honour Society

VAM’s 2020 Exam Session will take place in the form of video submissions. All music students of the Greater Vancouver Area are invited to register.

Registrations accepted until May 13
Video performances due May 19

Vancouver Academy of Music’s Performance Exams are a celebration of the achievement and progress made during the course of the academic year. Students are invited to an online performance opportunity that includes guidance from distinguished music educators.

For Ages 5 to Adult, Students of All Levels

VAM Performance Exams are inclusive of all levels. There are no restrictions on works performed regarding difficulty; students are encouraged to work with their private instructor to determine which repertoire selections are best to help them achieve their own personal goals. Any level may be completed regardless of whether or not the student participated in exams for the preceding levels.

Exams will be evaluated and scored on the basis of the student’s performance in relation to the demands of the chosen repertoire and will include written commentary from the examiner.


Junior Exams (ages 5-8): $40
Intermediate Exams (ages 9-12): $50
Senior Exams (ages 13-16): $60
Advanced Senior Performers’ Certificate (age 17 or graduating high school): $80
Adult Learning Class 1 (ages 17+): $40 | Class 2: $50 | Class 3: $60 | Class 4: $80

Submitting your videos

After completing registration and payment, please prepare your video ensuring that each repertoire selection is completed in one take and that the student is clearly audible and visible. Piano accompaniment is not required. Upload your video to a file sharing platform of your choice (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive) so that the file can be shared by a link, or if there are multiple files, that there is access to the folder by a link that contains all the files. In addition to your video, also be prepared to submit a digital copy of the music (PDF preferred).

After submitting registration and payment, the student will be placed into a category based on their age and receive a follow-up form by email. Students will submit their exams using this second form. It is not necessary to send the materials immediately following registration, provided that they are received by the May 19 deadline.

For non-recital levels (all Junior, all Intermediate, all Senior, and Adult Learning Class 1-3): each repertoire selection must be one complete video filmed in a single, continuous take. Different repertoire selections may be filmed in different takes.

For recitals (Advanced Senior Performer’s Certificate & Adult Learning Class 4): the entire recital is required to be submitted as one complete video filmed in a single, continuous take.


David Visentin, Strings

Jane Hayes, Piano

Full details, including repertoire requirements by level

Download a Performance Exam & Honour Society Brochure

Apply for VAM Honour Society (VAM private students)

Applicants must include the following as part of their Honour Society application:
-Register for a Performance Exam (available below during registration period)
-An Application Form
-A Volunteer Hour Record
-A reference letter from their primary VAM private teacher

Deadline for Honour Society applications: May 31

Note: students may submit an adapted application if they are unable to complete volunteer hours due to COVID-19 cancellations. Click here for more information

Register for a Performance Exam

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