Ensembles & Group Classes

From early childhood to adult learning, VAM is an inclusive learning environment that explores the transformative power of music. Our proven programs and methods have produced some of Canada’s most acclaimed musicians and generations of music lovers.


Orchestral Program

Recommended for: Suzuki Book 2+/RCM Level 1+, or equivalent
VAM’s Orchestral Program is comprised of four ensembles that that strike a balance between excellence and enjoyment.


Chamber Music

Recommended for: Ages 10+ to adult
VAM’s chamber music program is the perfect opportunity for young musicians to experience the communal nature of making music.


Choral Program

Recommended for: Ages 7 to adult
VAM’s Mary Buckerfield White Choral Program is Vancouver’s premiere choral experience for singers of all ages and experience levels.


Group Classes

RCM Smart Start

Recommended for: ages 0-6
The Smart Start Program by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) offers a specialized music-based curriculum for early childhood development, focusing on children from birth through age 6. It blends neuroscience and music education to enhance cognitive skills such as attention and memory, with activities designed for each stage of a child’s development.

Early Music Education

Recommended for: ages 0-6
Music Explorers uses a blended approach of proven methods such as Suzuki, Orff, and Kodaly and is designed to build a strong foundation for the well-rounded musical skills needed for musical studies.

Music with Friends

Recommended for: ages 3-6
VAM’s Music with Friends is a place where children age 3-6 can explore the joys of creativity, collaboration, fun, and imagination as they embark on the journey of learning a new instrument.

Music & Beyond

Recommended for: elementary-age students
Supplement your child’s musical journey with integrated studies in elementary-level math, science, and language arts.


RCM Exam Prep: practical, theory, history

Recommended for: students following the RCM curriculum 
RCM Theory and History exams provide an excellent means of enhancing essential musicianship that greatly spurs progress for instrumental training.


Composition & Conducting

Recommended for: students with advanced musicianship skills
The perfect platform for students seeking new vistas of musical creativity.