VAM’s annual competitions aim to identify the accomplishment of talented students and offer recognition for their hard work.  All competitions offer scholarship prizes to assist students in advancing their musical studies.  For more information, please contact your VAM private teacher or email [email protected]

2016/17 Applications Available

2016/17 Competition Results

Kay Meek Competition

Who is eligible: VAM students age 14 and over as of May 19, 2017

Application deadline: April 19

Competition dates: May 19 (preliminary) and May 27 (final)

To apply: Click here to apply online or download an application form.

Barbara Clague Festival of Song

Who is eligible: VAM voice students born after January 1, 1998

Application deadline: February 28

Competition dates: March 31 (preliminary) and April 9 (final)

Jerold Gerbrecht Woodwind & Brass Competition

Who is eligible: VAM woodwind & brass students

Application deadline: February 24

Competition dates: March 24 (preliminary) and March 31 (final)

Phyllis Salter Piano Competition

Who is eligible: VAM piano students born between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2002

Application deadline: January 3

Competition dates: February 3 (preliminary) and February 11 (final)

Bjorn & Lori Hareid Senior Secondary Competition

Who is eligible: String students in grades 10-12

Application deadline: December 23

Competition dates: February 2-4, 2017

VAMJS & VAMIS Concerto Competitions

Who is eligible: Registered members of VAMJS & VAMIS

Application deadline: October 25

Competition dates: November 25 (VAMJS) & December 2 (VAMIS)

2016/17 Applications Closed

Elsje de Ridder Armstrong Chamber Music Competition

Who is eligible: Chamber ensembles recommended by the Chamber Music Institute

Application deadline: March 29

Competition dates: April 29

Edith Lando Gifted Youth Competition

Who is eligible: VAM students 13 and under as of December 31, 2016

Application deadline: January 24

Competition dates: February 24 (preliminary) and March 5 (final)