Orchestral Program

Performing in a symphony orchestra is an exhilarating experience that teaches essential life skills such as communication, respect, and working together as a team. VAM’s Orchestral Program is comprised of four ensembles that strike a balance between excellence and enjoyment.

VAM’s Orchestral Training Program is supported by:
The Edith Lando Charitable Foundation
The R & J Stern Family Foundation

Orchestral Program

Brass Ensemble

Instructor: Ellen Marple
Recommended for: Beginner to Intermediate Brass Players
Class Description: Free for VAM brass students! Discover a vast array of brass music including chamber music, orchestral excerpts, and New Orleans Brass Band Music, with additional opportunities to perform in VAM's orchestral concerts.

VAM Pre-Junior Symphony

Instructor: Joseph Elworthy
Recommended for: Suzuki 2-3/RCM 1-3
Class Time: Saturdays, 9:30-10:30am
Annual Fee:
  • $560
Class Description: Pre-Junior Strings offers the first level of orchestral training. It is ideal for string students with no prior ensemble experience beginning to learn sight-reading skills. Repertoire includes arrangements of familiar music ranging from popular songs to movie soundtracks.

VAM Junior Symphony

Instructor: Joseph Elworthy
Recommended for: Suzuki 3-4/RCM 4-6
Class Time: Saturdays, 11:00am-12:15pm
Annual Fee:
  • $615
Class Description: Junior Symphony focuses on repertoire from the Baroque and Classical periods. Fundamental orchestral skills such as bow techniques, phrasing, musical terms and creating a blended orchestral sound are explored.

VAM Intermediate Symphony

Instructor: Joseph Elworthy
Recommended for: Suzuki 4-7/RCM 7-9
Class Time: Saturdays, 12:30-2:15pm
Annual Fee:
  • $715
Class Description: Intermediate Symphony performs a diverse range of repertoire spanning Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods. Independent preparation is highly emphasized as chair assignments are based on seating auditions at the beginning of each semester.

VAM Symphony Orchestra

Instructor: Ian Parker (Music Director & Principal Conductor), Kathleen Allan (Associate Conductor)
Recommended for: Suzuki 7+/RCM 10+
Class Time: Saturdays, 2:30-5:00pm
Annual Fee:
  • $815
Class Description: VAMSO appears four times a year at the Orpheum Theatre, performing seminal masterpieces from symphonic repertoire. Recent performances include Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, Verdi's Requiem, and Brahms' Symphony No. 1.