Orchestral Program Auditions

Performing in a symphony orchestra is an exhilarating experience that teaches young musicians essential life skills such as communication, respect, and teamwork. VAM’s Orchestral Program offers four levels of training that strike a balance between excellence and enjoyment.

Open to any orchestral instrumental students studying privately at or outside VAM.

Audition conveniently from home!

Auditions do not require an appointment! Simply complete the following:
1. Review the audition requirements of your desired level of orchestra (new and returning students are required to audition).
2. Create an audition video and upload to a file-sharing site (e.g., Dropbox or Youtube). Single-take videos are optional; if you are submitting a compilation, please ensure that all required components of the audition are included. Piano accompaniment is not required.
3. Complete the form below with your information and the $20 audition fee
4. You will receive your results by email within two weeks’ time.

Re-enroll easily!

Current students in VAM’s Orchestral Program who wish to re-enroll for the same orchestra do not need to submit a video audition. By completing the form below, you can reserve your seat.

Limited space available

Chairs will be assigned to qualified candidates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Audition Requirements

Strings and winds (all levels)

Percussion (VAM Symphony Orchestra)

Percussion (VAM Intermediate Orchestra)

Are you not sure which level is right for your audition? 

If you are new to VAM’s Orchestral Program and not sure which level to audition for, you may submit a General Audition. Complete the form below and provide a video with the following content:

1. One repertoire selection of your choosing
2. Strings only: one major and one melodic minor scale. Scales can be one, two, or three octaves (depending on comfort level) and any key of the student’s choosing.

Need some tips how to share your video using a link? Instructions are available for Dropbox and Google Drive (see ‘Share a link to a file’) or email [email protected] for further assistance.

Orchestral Program Outline

VAM Orchestral Program Outline

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Orchestra Audition Form