Digital Concert – Virtual Strawberry & Tea

Welcome to VAM’s Digital Strawberry & Tea! Students are encouraged to take the ‘virtual stage’ and send us videos of their performances from home. We welcome performances of up to two pieces, maximum 12 minutes in combined duration, which we will compile into a recital recording and post publicly online. Students may perform complete pieces, movements, or excerpts; no piano accompaniment is needed.

To submit a video, upload a video file to a file sharing platform of your choice (e.g., Dropbox or Google), and include a shareable link in the online form below.

Guidelines for submission:

  • Students may use any technology they have available at home, including a webcam or phone. Please ensure the performer is clearly visible and the performance audible.
  • You will receive an automated email when your submission is successfully received and a second email from staff when it is confirmed your performance will be posted.
  • We ask that students introduce themselves by stating their name and repertoire selection at the beginning of the video.
  • We want to share your performance with the online community! By submitting a video, you give permission for VAM to post the content on its public digital channels (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, and/or Facebook).
  • VAM will review videos for content and reserves the right to refrain from posting what, in its judgment, is deemed inappropriate. Please do not add captions or titles.

Please use the submission form below to send in your videos by November 13. We look forward to seeing your performance!