Seating Auditions / Orchestra Homework

Orchestra Homework and Seating Auditions are now open.

VAMSO Seating Auditions

VAMIS Homework

VAMJS Homework

VAM FP Homework

Due Thursday, October 5.

Orchestra Homework and Seating Auditions are evaluated on Tone Quality, Rhythm, Note Accuracy, Performance Directions, and Interpretation. Seating auditions will be considered with personal and professional behavior on past concert cycles as a basis for determining the seating within sections. Violins will be grouped evenly and will be cycled between the first and second parts after concerts, seating auditions will apply to the seating within your assigned section.

How to complete homework/seating auditions:

  1. Review the homework assignments / seating audition excerpts of your level, and instrument of orchestra.
  2. Create a video and upload to a file-sharing site (e.g., Dropbox or Youtube). Single-take videos are optional; if you are submitting a compilation, please ensure that all required components of the homework are included. Piano accompaniment is not required.
  3. Complete the online form below with your information and homework assignments.

*Please be reminded to use the submission link to submit your homework, and share any applicable files*