Creating a VAM Account

Step 1: Create an account for yourself

The first step to registering online is to create an account.  You can begin by clicking the “Create an account” link at the very top-right of the page:

You will be taken to a form that will ask you if you are a parent/guardian or an adult student.  If you plan to register for a child, then choose “Parent / Guardian”, or if it is for yourself, then choose “Adult Student”.  Then you can fill in all the information that the form asks for.

After completing this form, you will receive an email with instructions how to activate your account.  If you are an adult student, these are all the steps you need to take before beginning the registration process and you can continue on to how to register and pay for classes.  If you are a parent or guardian, continue to step 2 below.

Step 2 (parents/guardians only): Create a profile for your child or children

If you are a parent or guardian, you also need to enter the information for each of your children whom you plan to register.  After logging into your account, click on “My Profile” at the very top-right of the

This is the page where you can find (and, if necessary, change) your basic personal information, see the students linked to your account, view registration details, scheduling, and billing.

Verify that your child or children are all linked to your account by clicking (1) “Students” and reviewing the information.  Click (2) “Add Student” to add a child as necessary.

Now that you have created your account and entered your children’s information, you can continue:

Continue – How to register and pay for classes