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RCM Smart Start: 3 years old


In this class, children learn foundational musical skills such as tempo, meter, pitch, and volume together through educational, movement-based games and multi arts activities.

By age 3, children are beginning to develop their singing voices, and as such, singing a wide range of songs is a vital component of the Smart Start curriculum. By age 3, children’s basic cognitive skills are in place. Smart Start is designed to work with these cognitive skills through activities such as recognizing musical patterns, focusing on the most important aspects of music, and understanding connections across artistic representations. Children work in musical and artistic collaborations designed to foster basic musical knowledge and spur on individual and group creativity.

Socialization and personal growth are strengthened via group engagement. Many children are ready for an independent music class without their care provider at age three. Generally, we recommend a parent or caregiver attend for the first few classes, until the child is ready to attend class independently. This decision is individual and flexible.

This is a full-year class (of a maximum of 30 classes between Sept-May)

Tuition: $450 per 15 week semester + $30 material fee per semester

Please Note: Registration for classes and lessons between September and June are subject to an annual registration fee of $75. In addition to covering administrative costs,
this fee grants membership to the Vancouver Academy of Music Society and discounted ticket prices to several ticket events.