Aslan Aslanov

Aslan Aslanov is an energetic performer, who is forever seeking to grow, evolve, and expand his vibrant creativity across his personal and professional life. Born into a snowy Siberian village, Aslan Aslanov, whose Azeri parents moved to Russia in 1991, discovered a keen passion for music when he took his first piano lesson at the age of 6. Three years after this musical origination, Aslan became the 3rd prize winner in a provincial competition in Tyumen. When his parents decided to return to Azerbaijan, Aslan, determined to further develop his artistic talent, was accepted into the “Special Music School” for talented kids in Baku under the instruction of Dilara Mirzakuliyeva. Baku provided Aslan a wealth of musical opportunities, whether that be making his orchestral debut in 2009 with the Academic Symphonic Orchestra of Azerbaijan, winning 2nd prize for the national music competition of Azerbaijan in 2010, or successfully performing in festivals all over the country. In 2011, Aslan began his undergraduate studies in Baku, expanding his competitive education internationally in music festivals across Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Finland, Greece, and Russia. Being infected with a passion to learn and grow as a musician, Aslan was accepted with a scholarship into the Vancouver Academy of Music, successfully completing the Artist Diploma Program under the direction of Amanda Chan. In 2019, aside from winning provincial and local competitions, where he was granted the honour to represent BC in the Canadian National Music Competition, winning 2nd place respectively, Aslan made his debut in Carnegie Hall where he performed with the winners of the “Pacific Rim” International Pianists competition. Aslan continues to study with Amanda Chan as he completed his master’s degree at the UBC school of Music under a scholarship in 2022. With the ultimate artistic objective to connect others, whether that be through live performance or teaching, to the transcendent power of music, Aslan continues to seek creative spaces to explore his artistry and share his craft professionally.