Janna Berg

Janna’s music journey began when she started learning the piano at a young age, performing as a pianist and singer as early as 4 years old. She is a dedicated music educator and piano collaborator. Growing up in small-town Saskatchewan, Janna contributed as a piano and theory educator and pianist for local choirs and community events at every opportunity. During her years at Bethany College, she was the pianist for the school’s large touring choir.

Janna’s career has been versatile, reaching from western Canada to rural Indonesia, where over 16 years she shared her musical expertise as an educator, conductor, producer, and pianist for concerts and events within her community. She is currently a piano collaborator for children’s choirs with Vancouver Elementary Music Society.

A significant milestone for Janna is the completion of her ARCT in piano performance. This achievement came under the guidance of Amanda Chan at UBC, where she also earned her BMUS; achieving high distinction at university level theory and pedagogy courses. She is enthusiastic about sharing her love for music and its benefits through engaging piano and theory lessons.