Jonathan Na

Jonathan received his Masters of Music at the University of Ottawa where he studied under Yehonatan Berick and Yosuke Kawasaki as recipient of the Marusia Yaworska Violin Graduate Scholarship. Jonathan has performed with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and served as concertmaster for the University of Ottawa Symphony Orchestra.  Jonathan has also received an Artist’s Diploma from Vancouver Academy of Music under the guidance of Domagoj Ivanovic and Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia studying with David Gillham.

Jonathan enjoys connecting with his students’ interests and finds ways to motivate, encourage, and inspire them. Jonathan understands that each student learns differently and consciously tries to adapt to each student’s interests and personality. Jonathan believes that access to music education in a positive and encouraging environment gives students of all ages an outlet for self-expression and helps them gain confidence in their abilities as they continue to learn and progress.