University Admissions Workshop: Gaining Acceptance to Top Universities

How can your musical studies give you an edge in your post-secondary application? Vancouver Academy of Music teams up with university admissions specialists for an information session that will help high school students learn how to use their musical studies to stand out to the top universities in North America.

This workshop is recommended for: students in grades 8-10 preparing for undergraduate studies after high school graduation

Guest speakers:
Bibi Malek | University Admissions Advisory Services, Select College Admissions
Frazer Roland | SAT-ACT Specialist, Can-Am Test Prep Academy

Workshop Topics

  • How university admissions officers set the bar
  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Being the best version of yourself
  • Putting together the right ingredients
  • Turning Extracurriculars (Music) into Powercurriculars (Wow Factor)
  • Tackling Standardized Test prep (SAT or ACT & SAT Subject Tests)
  • What test prep and music have in common: Practice makes perfect!
  • Packaging your personal accomplishments to showcase yourself
  • Seeking guidance from an educational consultant
  • Taking the stress out of the US admissions process
  • Distinguishing Yourself: Standing out from the crowds of applicants
  • The process: timelines and deadlines

Location - Koerner Recital Hall at VAM

1270 Chestnut St
Vancouver, BC  V6J 4R9