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Performing in a symphony orchestra is one of the most exhilarating experiences a young musician will encounter. The team aspect of orchestral playing – each member offering their individual skill for a collective purpose – instills life skills that have far reaching benefits. VAM Orchestral Program is comprised of four (that’s right – we have four levels of Orchestra now!) levels of orchestral training that aim to strike a balance between excellence and enjoyment. Auditions are now open to join any of the orchestras that VAM offers:

Pre-Junior (PJs): Ages 5-7; Suzuki Book 2-4 or RCM Grade 1-3 (strings only – no audition necessary)
VAMJS: Ages 7-10; Suzuki Book 4-5 or RCM Grade 3-5
VAMIS: Ages 10-14; Suzuki Book 5-7 or RCM Grade 5-8
VAMSO: Ages 13 and above; RCM Grade 9-ARCT

Dates: June 2 to 13
For more info, or to book your audition, please contact: [email protected]

Play piano? No problem! Pianists are welcome to join any of the orchestras as a percussion/timpani player.