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Bjorn & Lori Hareid Senior Secondary Competition Results

Over 15 participants from all over BC participated in the 22nd Bjorn & Lori Hareid Senior Secondary Competition for Strings, which took place on Friday, January 10th and Saturday, January 11th. Here are the results below! Melody Ye Yuan (Bjorn & Lori Hareid Scholarship) Albert Seo (Loyal Protestant Scholarship) Tate Zawadiuk (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Volunteers… Read more »

Brain Boosters Program

Since the days of Pythagoras, math and music have been considered closely connected: universal languages that transcend cultural or geographical diversity. The human brain is divided into two hemispheres; the right-side of the brain is traditionally associated with creativity, imagination, and macro thinking, while the left side is often described as logical, linear and analytical…. Read more »

Book your audition for the Orchestra Program today!

Performing in a symphony orchestra is one of the most exhilarating experiences a young musician will encounter. The team aspect of orchestral playing – each member offering their individual skill for a collective purpose – instills life skills that have far reaching benefits. VAM Orchestral Program is comprised of four (that’s right – we have… Read more »

Presenting…the School of Swing!

The Vancouver Academy of Music is pleased to introduce its newest program, the Dal Richards School of Swing! Directed by Ellen Marple, the School of Swing consists of both a Jazz Orchestra and an Introduction to Swing Class. The Jazz Orchestra will focus on building an intimate understanding of classic repertoire from the Count Basie… Read more »

2014 Summer Camps: Register today!

We are happy to finally announce the details for this year’s summer camps! This year, we are offering three different camps – see more details below! Koerner Quartet String Seminar July 7 to 11, 2014 Ages 12 to 18, RCM Grade 8 and above $300 Increase your technique and bring your musicianship to the next… Read more »

VAM Adult Learning Program

VAM has responded to the demand of adult learners wishing to to begin or enhance their musical activities. VAM Adult Learning Program offers flexibility and affordability: a minimum of 9 lessons per year (September-June) at $60 per hour (pro-rated according to lesson duration).

Tales of Romance tickets now available!

Love. Suspense. Drama. These themes are heavily represented in our next VAMSO concert at the Orpheum on Sunday, February 23rd. But amidst the dark themes that these pieces explore, our concert is also a celebration of premieres – first we have Masquerade, a piece composed by our first Head of Composition, Edward Top. As well, VAM cello… Read more »

6 Questions with Katrin Pöemmerl

For the second part of our leading lady-interview series, we’re happy to present our second Lauretta for Gianni Schicchi, Katrin Pöemmerl. If you’re a student at VAM, you would recognize this face – in addition to being a 3rd year Voice Performance Major in our College program, Katrin (affectionately known as Kati) is also a Kodaly… Read more »

ThriveCity is BACK!

They’re back! The guys from the Infinitus String Trio are back to present their annual ThriveCity Spring Booster camp. Deepen your musical learning through the study of different musical styles, such as Latin, Hip-Hop and Jazz. Students will have workshops and activities focused around improvisation, ear training, technique, applied theory and more! This camp takes… Read more »

31st Annual Elsje de Ridder Armstrong Chamber Music Competition

On Friday, April 4th, we hosted the 31st Annual Elsje de Ridder Armstrong Chamber Music Competition. We had over 9 groups from our Chamber Music Institute program compete for a chance to win 1 of 9 cash scholarships. The groups, expertly coached by reowned teachers Andrew Dawes and Evelyn Creaser, performed a wonderful night of… Read more »