Brain Boosters Program

Since the days of Pythagoras, math and music have been considered closely connected: universal languages that transcend cultural or geographical diversity. The human brain is divided into two hemispheres; the right-side of the brain is traditionally associated with creativity, imagination, and macro thinking, while the left side is often described as logical, linear and analytical. Most children’s programs follow this right/left dichotomy where one side is emphasized at the expense of the other. Consequently, children, at an early age, become acclimated to working one side of the brain at a time.
Brain Boosters engages both sides of the brain through a combination of Music and Math and strives for the following objectives:

  • Developing cognitive and rational thinking
  • Fostering a child’s natural curiosity for discovery
  • Encouraging independent learning and problem-solving
  • Building confidence and self-expression
Click here to download the Brain Boosters Brochure.