Welcome to the Orchestral Program


VAM Symphony Orchestra, with members of VAM Intermediate Symphony, at the Orpheum Theatre, May 2019

Performing in a symphony orchestra is invigorating. The music comes alive through the collaboration between the conductor and musicians – an experience that not only enables the magnificence of the composition to shine, but one that also hones essential life skills such as communication, respect, and teamwork.


All skill levels welcome

VAM Friendly Philharmonic Symphony (recommended for Suzuki 2-3/RCM 1-3 or equivalent)
VAM Junior Symphony
(recommended for Suzuki 3-4/RCM4-6 or equivalent)
VAM Intermediate Symphony
(recommended for Suzuki 4-7/RCM 6-8 or equivalent)
VAM Symphony Orchestra
(recommended for Suzuki 7+/RCM 8+ or equivalent)

Easy audition process

Hassle free – no fees or appointments necessary. Simply do the following:

  • Review the audition requirements of your desired level of orchestra.
  • Create an audition video and upload to a file-sharing platform (e.g.: Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube).
  • Complete and submit the audition form.
  • Receive audition results by email within two weeks’ time.

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