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RCM Voice Exam Preparation

The perfect opportunity to supplement your private lessons with focused studies on the technical requirements of the RCM voice exam, this course will tune up your skills on sight singing, ear training, interval identification, and more. June 2019 Class Schedule: Tuesday June 4th, 7:30 – 8:30 pm Wednesday June 5th, 7:00 – 8:00 pm Thursday… Read more »

Young Professional Voice Audition Preparation

This class offers a supportive environment to practice and hone voice audition skills. Perform audition repertoire for your peers in an exploration of interpretation and presentation, receive guidance for head shots and resume formats, and obtain feedback on repertoire choice for wide ranges of companies, Young Artist Programs and competitions. Culminating in a live mock audition for a panel of… Read more »

Intermediate Violin Technique

This is a fast-paced advanced technique class for 11-15 year old violinists that will incorporate fun repetition of technical building blocks such as scales, arpeggios, and double-stops, incorporating sight reading, brain games, bowing patterns and techniques, and in-class performances.

Bach Babies

Join your child in their first explorations of the musical world! Sing interactive songs with the help of an animal friend, learn to play an instrument, and use dance to feel the music in your body in this introduction to the benefits music has to offer you and your child.

Mozart Mites

Watch your child develop coordination, confidence in solo performance, and the ability to work with others through singing, playing, and movement.

Rossini Rascals

Dive into musicianship skills with elements of the Orff and Kodaly methods with the exploration of several different percussive instruments.


VAM Voyagers will explore everything in the world of music from composers around the globe to the fine detail of the notes, rhythms and instruments that make up our musical landscape. Take out those telescopes and find the many notes that live on the musical staff!  Steer through rhythms using a wide variety of percussion… Read more »