Globe and Mail article

Here’s another interesting article that further validates the link between music and cognitive development:

He recently reported the results of a study in which children aged 4 to 6 learned about music – the basics of rhythm, pitch and melody – in a computer-based cognitive training program that involved games and cartoon characters. After 20 days of instruction, the children performed significantly better on a verbal IQ test compared to scores before the training.

A second group of children completed a similar program about the visual arts, learning about shape, colour, line dimension and perspective. But their scores on both verbal and spatial IQ tests didn’t budge.

Why would studying music lead to gains on verbal IQ? Music and language share brain processing and structure, Dr. Moreno says. “You don’t have to teach only English to improve in English,” he says.

Click here to read the full article in the Globe and Mail: A workout program for your brain.

Brain Boosters Program

Since the days of Pythagoras, math and music have been considered closely connected: universal languages that transcend cultural or geographical diversity. The human brain is divided into two hemispheres; the right-side of the brain is traditionally associated with creativity, imagination, and macro thinking, while the left side is often described as logical, linear and analytical. Most children’s programs follow this right/left dichotomy where one side is emphasized at the expense of the other. Consequently, children, at an early age, become acclimated to working one side of the brain at a time.
Brain Boosters engages both sides of the brain through a combination of Music and Math and strives for the following objectives:

  • Developing cognitive and rational thinking
  • Fostering a child’s natural curiosity for discovery
  • Encouraging independent learning and problem-solving
  • Building confidence and self-expression
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Chamber Music Institute

VAM Chamber Music Institute (CMI) aims to inspire and challenge the Lower Mainland’s most aspiring musicians by offering an intensive study of the seminal works that encompass the chamber music repertoire.  CMI was created and designed by one of Canada’s most esteemed musicians, Professor Andrew Dawes, who will serve as CMI Director.  CMI will specialize in repertoire involving strings, piano and winds with an emphasis on string quartets.  Participation in CMI is based on audition, and is open to all students regardless of whether they are registered at VAM or not.  Weekly seminars will take place on Sundays, 2:00pm-5:00pm and will incorporate coachings by CMI faculty, independent rehearsals, and chamber music master classes.

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VAM Adult Learning Program

VAM has responded to the demand of adult learners wishing to to begin or enhance their musical activities. VAM Adult Learning Program offers flexibility and affordability: a minimum of 9 lessons per year (September-June) at $60 per hour (pro-rated according to lesson duration).