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Violin RCM Technique Class: Level 5

Start learning a three octave scale and work on your right fingers’ flexibility in order to execute some advanced bow strokes such as collé and spiccato. Keep developing your vibrato and start shifting to 5th position. Recognize even a wider variety of intervals and sight read short excerpts at RCM Level 3 difficulty.

Violin RCM Technique Class: Level 6

Continue your development of vibrato and add more three octave scales to the mix. Start practicing all the standard double stops (3rds, 6ths and 8ves) and fine tuning your spiccato stroke. Sight read pieces at RCM 4 Level and begin recognizing chords.

Violin RCM Technique Class: Level 7

Further improve your bow hold and fine tune a variety of bow strokes. Practice three octave scales up to 7th position and work on developing more ease in your vibrato. Get introduced to orchestral excerpts and improve aural recognition of even more intervals and chords.

Violin RCM Technique Class: Level 8

Summarize your knowledge of various bow strokes and get introduced to ricochet, up-bow staccato and sautillé. Keep climbing up the fingerboard by adding scales going up as high as the 10th position and start working on two octave double stops. Expand your repertoire of orchestral excerpts and learn to distinguish between a perfect and plagal… Read more »

Violin RCM Technique Class: Level 9

Complete your list of three octave scales and apply a variety of bow strokes to contrasting excerpts from orchestral literature. Work on perfecting your shifting abilities and developing an ease of playing in any position, as well as using a varied vibrato suitable for different stylistic periods. Learn different strategies for recognizing cadences and summarize… Read more »

Violin RCM Technique Class: Level 10

Start understanding the “big picture” of violin technique. Review all the three octave scales and focus on developing fingered octaves and tenths. Further improve your understanding of various styles and the ability to adjust your technique accordingly. Work on advanced orchestral excerpts and learn what is required to execute them at a professional level. Start… Read more »